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What if I told you that you can improve your golf more effectively?

Have you ever heard of flipped learning?

Flipped learning or flipped class is an approach where ''homeworks'' are done at home and class time is devoted to experimentation and deepening. Here is what it corresponds to if we transfer this approach to a golf learning context.

Traditionnal golf lesson:

Can you give me a lesson, I'm struggling?!

That's it, you're at a point of no return: you've been through YouTube and you still can't get rid of your ugly slice. You pile on your pride (misplaced) and you decide to take a lesson.

During the lesson, your instructor identifies the functional and problematic elements of your swing. He explains and demonstrates to you what he wants you to work on. You practice these points until the end of the lesson. The die is cast! You leave with your secret. No way to be sure you'll remember what to work on or if you work on it the right way.

Flipped golf lesson

The approach that I advocate and that I have refined over the past few years (inspired by flipped learning) is structured as follows:

You send me videos of your swing and you describe your problem and what you want to achieve as a result. I proceed to the 2D and 3D analysis. I edit an explanatory video for you including personalized exercises and a practice plan. You receive the content and you get to work. You film yourself during your practices and I provide you feedback to ensure that the elements are well understood and applied.

You schedule a lesson with me and we can take it to the next level and polish what we have in place.


  • Approach focused on YOUR needs

  • Educational content (analysis, explanatory videos) available at all times

  • Very effective for disciplined and motivated learners (I recognize you here!)

In order to offer you as much flexibility as possible, if you ever want to skip step 1, at each in-person lesson, I make sure that you can leave with a tangible, solid and understandable game plan. That's why I provide you with an explanatory video including the elements to work on and how to put them into practice. Who can beat that!

In all humility, pedagogy is one of my strengths and I believe I can help you benefit from it. You love it, eh? Contact me, it will be my pleasure to participate in your success.

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