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Using AI to Enhance Your Golf Game

For the past few weeks, the entire world has been focused on a powerful artificial intelligence tool that both fascinates and shakes the foundations of the temple: ChatGPT. This arrival has led me to question my practice:

How can I use AI to be a better coach?

Here is the fruit of my reflections following 18 months of testing and experimentation with various types of AI tools.

Helping you with your swing

First, AI can help analyze a swing and detect errors. Using sensors and cameras, or technology similar to facial recognition, AI can capture data on your swing and give you advice to improve your technique. For example, with the Sportsbox 3D application (which I have been using since June 2021), a simple video of your swing can be converted into a 3D avatar and give you access to all possible biomechanical data. Your coach can establish watchlists of points to work on. You can then work on it on your own and have access to feedback (whether what you are working on is good or not).

Course management

Secondly, AI can help you make the right choice of club for each situation. It can use data such as the distance to be covered, wind speed, and weather to help you decide which club to use for each shot. There are applications like GolfLink and Arccos that use AI to suggest the most appropriate clubs based on playing conditions.


Finally, AI can help you train better and more efficiently. It can use data on your performance to create a personalized training plan and help you achieve your goals. Your coach can use AI to create custom training plans based on your level of play and your goals. I tested it and the result is very impressive. A student provided me with his statistics from last season provided by his Arccos application. I provided the stats to ChatGPT and asked it to produce a practice plan based on the frequency and number of hours that my client has to allocate to his weekly training. I even asked it to give me a list of exercises for each session. I even pushed my luck by asking it to convert the training plan so that it includes 50% of the exercises in "blocked" mode and 50% in "random" mode. The result is beyond my expectations.

It is true that AI cannot completely replace human training and the advice of a good instructor, but it can certainly help you improve your game significantly. Let me know for the human part, it will be a pleasure to help you reach your full potential!

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