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Filling my toolbox to make you progress

Each year, I make it a point to follow dozens of hours of training classes in order to be on the lookout for the best and to perfect my art.

Last December, I participated in two Scott Cowx Coach of Coaches Certification trainings (Level 1 - Concepts and Advanced Patterns & Coaching). Very well known and recognized in the world of golf teaching, Scott is a living encyclopedia. Among other things, he collaborates with several national golf teams and acts as a consultant to the coaches of several professional players. He is also the coach of Mackenzie Hughes (Canadian playing on the PGA Tour) since his first steps in golf. With almost 30 years of experience, he has made his mark and knows his classics: Homer Kelly and The Golfing Machine, Mac O'Grady and MORAD, Stack & Tilt, Leadbetter Academy, etc.

My golf swing geek side was over the moon. But even more, my coaching toolbox has been filled with extremely powerful elements. In short, I sincerely believe that I can be even more effective in my practice and help you progress much faster.

Concretely, what will it bring you?

Every teacher has their preferences regarding the golf swing. This is completely normal and okay. However, whether this pattern is effective for the player you are is another matter altogether.

By considering certain physiological characteristics and your own preferences, I am able to help you build your swing from 6 basic patterns. In short, if you are able to pivot like a champion, I will not suggest the same pattern as to Don, sixty years old owner of a 2010 model aluminum hip.

In addition, you will be able to understand your pattern and refine it using specific feels and exercises. Gone are the generic exercises that can be the medicine of some, but the poison of many.

You're interested?

Contact me. Whether it's online or in person, we'll put YOUR plan in place.

I invite you to check out Scott's Instagram account to give you an idea of the work he does.

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