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The Time of All Hopes

Tiger makes a return to action this week at Augusta National. The warm rays of the sun pulverize your snowbank and the rumor of golf clubs opening awakens all your hopes. This season will be yours! Record scores, fabulous distance gains and why not get your hands on the trophy (club champion, winner of the annual office tournament or the player with the most most gentlemanly conduct in your weekend warriors league) that you have always coveted.

After watching The Golf Channel all week long "between two meetings", you put on your most beautiful polo shirt and head pumped up (as much as your chest in your polo shirt made too small after 2 years of pandemic) towards the nearest driving range. You don't take any chance and get yourself the biggest format basket of balls... and this twice. No time to lose, you've hibernated for six months, you have to get the rust off this beautiful, slightly overweight body. After a few polite glances at the guys who disenchanted realizing that their 250-yard bombs dropped all winter at the simulator have turned into pull slices grazing both the remaining brown snow bank, the highway and the ground before dying out weakly between the two plywoods indicating 150 and 200 yards, you let losse. After 200 full speed swings you retreat. With your chest deflated, but dripping with sweat, you sheepishly put your new driver in the trunk of you car, the appearance of which you have slightly modified because of the 18 pop shanks you have subjected it to.

You start the 2022 season as shaken as the Moscow stock exchange and as bruised as Chris Rock's cheek. Well, you're not alone. Here are some tips to build your success plan for the 2022 season.

1- Draw a portrait of the situation (or a report of the damage… it depends…)

Be honest and draw a real portrait of your game. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Above all, where do you lose the most shots during a game. Leave your ego in the same place as your bossy driver! We want facts.

2- Have realistic expectations

You know me, it's one of my hobbyhorses and in my opinion one of the keys to success in golf. Maintaining unrealistic expectations is the easiest way to stay frustrated and disappointed. Do you want a point of comparison (or a reality check)? Look at the stats of the best in the world. If your expectations are beyond the stats of what these athletes who won the lottery of genetics and talent, well we readjust. Make occasional visits to the stats section of the PGA Tour website. You will definitely see it more clearly.

3- Prioritize

What are your priority areas for improvement? How much time are you planning to invest? What budget do you give yourself?

4- Stop dreaming and plan

Everyone dreams, but few people plan (sounds like a quote from a personal growth guru)!

Alex, I wanna improve.
Listen, I want to be more consistent.
This season, I'm gonna break 80.

Nice! How do we do that? With your schedule and your budget in mind, concretely place in your schedule times when you will work on the targeted elements (you can also ask a coach you trust for help).

5- Stick to the process and enjoy!

It's like a budget. It's good to put it down on paper, but the most important thing is to follow it. It requires a happy mixture of discipline and pleasure in the process (and which sometimes resembles masochism). Keep in mind why you do it, why you love to play golf.

With that, excellent Masters to all!

And above all, excellent planning for your 2022 season!

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