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A revolutionary 3D technology exclusive HERE!

Measuring biomechanical data to analyze golf swings in 3D is not entirely new. The biomechanist Dr. Phil Cheetham (the 3D guy), a pioneer in the field, has been doing it since the 1990s. The advantages of using this technology are numerous: we obtain precise data that we cannot perceive in 2D, we can use this data as a bench mark or to do biofeedback, etc.

However, some significant drawbacks undermined the 3D experience. Originally, the technology was very expensive, making it inaccessible to the mass of golfers. In addition, the use of sensors literally plugged into a computer made the experience more or less natural.

The arrival of wireless technology greatly reduces this disadvantage. The fact remains that the golfer must put on a suit on which the sensors are placed. This step along with the calibration can take several precious minutes. In addition, the major drawback remains: taking 3D measurements can only be done on the practice range.

This summer, I have the chance to get involved, along with a few coaches (including Mike Schy, Bryson DeChambeau's coach and Sean Foley, Cameron Champ's, Lydia Ko's and Justin Rose's coach) in the use and development of an app that will undoubtedly revolutionize the use of 3D. SportsBox AI, using artificial intelligence, converts 2D video into 3D avatar. The operation only takes a few seconds! An avatar that can be viewed from all angles, all biomechanical data (Side Bend, Bend, Flex, Turn, Sway, Lift, shoulders, knees, pelvis, torso, elbows, head, wrists) available in a few seconds.

What's more, we can now bring 3D to the course!

I hit it like a god on the range, but I struggle as soon as I'm on the first tee!

Well, now it's possible and pretty easy for me to now find out what's really going on.

Do you want to take advantage of this exclusive technology ? Contact me, it will be my pleasure to help you.

I'll leave you with some videos produced using data collected by the SportsBox AI app.

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