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2021: Post-mortem

Now it's my turn to make a review

Since this adventure began, two motivations have constantly guided me:

  1. Be aware of the most accurate, accurate and up-to-date information

  2. Use this information optimally with my students so that they learn better and faster

2021 was undoubtedly the year when a higher level was crossed in both spheres.

Remote teaching

What started modestly almost four years ago developed at high speed during the months of pandemic containment. Over the weeks and the experience gained, the formula was refined to finally reach a solid service offering that meets my expectations. Thanks to my clients who believed in me and who gave me the privilege to help them progress in their passion. In addition to swing analyzes and monthly subscriptions, popular 3D analyzes have been added.

In-person teaching

The outdoor season started exceptionally early and saw a new high of instructional hours. Thanks to all my students and thank you to everyone who referred me friends, colleagues or family members. This is the best mark of trust and appreciation.

Exclusive 3D technology

In June, I started a collaboration with SportsBoxAI, a company using artificial intelligence in sports. The company founded by Jeehae Lee (former LPGA player), Sam Menaker (engineer behind the artificial intelligence used by the world's largest companies) and Stephanie Wei (former golf columnist, author and host) needed super users to test and suggest improvements to their application. It's quite satisfying to know that my work contributed to the product which is now available on the App Store and Play Store. The expertise developed in 3D swing analysis during this period as well as the links forged with this team (to which was added David Leadbetter, Sean Foley, Michelle Wie, Mike Adams, Terry Rowles and Dr. Phil Cheetham) is of inconsiderable worth. I am now very proud to be a contributor to multimedia content. This technology is changing the face of golf education. I use it of course on a daily basis in my practice (online and in person).


Technology, whatever it is, is of no use if the teacher's knowledge is weak or wrong. This is why I am an apostle of continuing education.

This year, the study of ground reaction forces was one of my favorite subjects.

I have attended GRF training from Steve Furlonger and Scott Cowx as well as webinars from Dr Y-H Kwon, Dr Scott Lynn and Dr Phil Cheetham.

In order to perfect my knowledge of functional anatomy and the development of different swing patterns, I devoured the SCC 7.0 Level 1- Concepts and Advanced Patterns & Coaching Certification training courses offered by Scott Cowx (this guy is a genius).

Added to this is the completion of online courses from the Course Kings platform (Jeff Smith). Also (gift to me from myself), Dana Dahlqist, a coach for whom I am overwhelmed with admiration, has agreed to offer me some recommendations on my own swing.

In 2022, let's continue to raise the bar!

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